Best Hosted Mobile Stores

For many years, the standard in online Web shop design was to build your site for the desktop PC and make sure different Web browsers rendered the site usable. With a huge upswing in consumer adoption of mobile phones, however, the key ecommerce trend for 2012 is making sure your online store provides a good shopping experience for the more than 82.2 million people in the U.S who use smartphones.
Key Mobile Website Issues to Consider

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Free Customer-tracking App

For a very small Web store, every customer counts. The more you learn about the people visiting your online store, such as the pages they view, what items they look at and how they find your online store the better. They’re all metrics that can help you grow your business.
A New Customer data Tool for Online Shop Owners

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Facebook Marketing Campaigns

A unique and fun social media campaign — when done correctly — can help boost your brand’s visibility in the social Web. Most campaigns on Facebook are pretty basic: Like the page and be rewarded.

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Social Activity With PowerReviews ESS

Many businesses use social media to improve brand awareness, but they struggle with finding real business results from the effort. Case in point: you might have 2,000 Facebook Likes, but do you know which “friends of your business” shared content that resulted in a sale?
Measure the Dollar Impact of Social Activity

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